♫♪♪♫♪♫♫♪♪♫♪♫♫♪♪ (bethstar) wrote in the_shizzles,

I didn't wanna respond to just Gina's comment, it sounded like I was like yelling at her so:

I am always down for hanging out
I'm never ever like doing anything anyway...
if it always seem like I'm with Jim it's cause we're bored and just chilling soooo
whenever...someone can give me a call !
Like this weekend I have nothing planned except tubbing and I don't have anything after that till I go to school except the night before I'm assuming we're having a Family Dinner thinger (greatttt) so someone call me
I would like to have a sleepover (as corny as it sounds) with no new movies someone hasn't seen we all know how that goes...lol
sooo let me know I leave on the 20th as does Amy and then Gina the 29th...
I hope we can all visit each other alot during the year...I know its far away but when I hang out with you girls I'm in a better mood : )
I miss how we don't see each other now and we're only like 20 minutes away from each other
so lets make an effort to hang out! boys or no boys whatever
remember back in the day we use to see each other alot I guess cause of Band Camp and such but I think I've seen everyone like 4 times minus the shore
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