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shout outss

hey Girls
thanks for all my school supplies and body pillows on Friday. sorry, it wasn't so fun lol. But you's didn't have to get me anything : ) thanks though I'm all ready ! !! ! I only had to actually purchase like $50 in stuff (and clothes) yaaahhh thanks again though
I'll miss you all soooooo much I probably don't understand how much till I'm there
hope to see ya soonly
Noreen come up a-sap !
Kristen as soon as bands over in November ! damn me I htought October bu I'll see you before then
Gina I'll see your sorry ass in 2 weeks
till then peace outttttt
awww I'm gonna cry well I gotta say goodbye to my sister I wont see her for like a month !

ps.poor Bridget thought it was my birthday
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